Inventory-in-Charge (Pharmacy)

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.1. Maintain and document the inventory of drugs and other pharmaceuticals in the Inpatient pharmacy.1.2. Distribution of medications and pharmaceuticals as floor stock to the nursing units throughout the hospital.1.3. Regulate stock levels within the Pharmacy Department and the nursing units (floor stock).1.4. Monitor stocks for near-expiry, slow-moving and fast-moving products, in […]

Pharmacist – Saudi National

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.1. Actively participate in patient care rounds with other members of the healthcare team1.2. Assist medical staff with the selection of drug therapy and patient monitoring1.3. Advise physicians on drug usage and dose control1.4. Assume responsibility for patient specific pharmacotherapy plan to ensure optimal outcomes1.5. Furnish assistance in review and interpretation of […]

Consultant – Family and Community Medicine – Saudi National

Uses clinical skills and methods appropriate to a primary care setting to analyze the patient’s complaints and establish a plan of action in his/her best interest Initiates investigations which will confirm, establish or rule out diagnosis, or be of benefit to the patient Refers patients for appropriate specialist opinion or treatment as deemed necessary for […]

Registrar – Family and Community Medicine (Saudi National)

Carry out full range of clinical duties as assigned by the Consultant/Senior Registrar in accordance with individually approved clinical privileges. Instruct and guide when necessary junior medical staff in the overall care of patients, supervises their performance/work and contributes to the training and teaching activities in the department. Participate in the improvement of quality of patient […]

General Practitioner – Saudi National

Respond to patients’ medical/health problems by referring to their history and carrying out diagnosis, investigation, treatment and referral as appropriate Maintain confidentiality and impartiality Liaise with medical professionals in the hospital and other facilities Promote health education in conjunction with other health professionals Organise preventative medical programmes for individual patientsprovide specialist clinics for specific conditions […]